Specialising in Women’s Health and particularly Depression and Anxiety. I consult with people all over the world on Skype or at my clinics at Nairne or Hahndorf, South Australia.


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I believe that women are under more stress and pressure than at any time in history! Juggling work, children, partners and often caring for aging parents can take an incredible toll on physical, emotional and mental health. This is where I can help.


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Jerusha K. Nicholls - Ultimate Effect Therapies


Homeopathy is a gentle, natural, inexpensive, yet effective form of medicine. My methods work extremely well and I typically expect to see improvements within 1 to 2 weeks – sometimes even days.


Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on each individual’s unique symptoms….But in a nut shell…… I use natural medicines in small doses which basically kick starts your own immune system so that your body actually heals itself!


The medicines are tasteless – so no gagging from horrendous tastes like some other types of herbal medicines. And the majority of the time you would only take 1 – 2 doses.

(Although sometimes if there is a chronic condition present – you may need several medicines over a course of a few months.)

Please don’t always expect a cure in one dose – as it depends on many things like your general health and the complaint that is being treated. For example, if you have had a condition for years – it might take several months to completely eradicate the problem.


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As someone who has suffered from, and managed, their multiple chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue syndrome for nearly two decades now, Jerusha (and homeopathy generally) has been a god send. Her ability to relieve the ‘brain fog’ that is so often associated with MCS and reduce the fatigue / fibromyalgic pain that is a problem with my CFS seems, at times, almost miraculous and she has improved my quality of life in ways I wouldn’t even have thought possible. She is an exceptionally talented healer and to all of those out there who are suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue (as I have for many years), I strongly recommend talking to Jerusha. She understands and, more importantly, she actually gets results. 

I.S South Australia

What can Homeopathy Treat?

Using homeopathic remedies we can successfully treat:


I have been a long time sufferer of hayfever. Every spring is the same as soon as the pollen is in the air, I would be suffering from itchy eyes, runny nose and constant sneezing. Every morning I would need to take some kind of hayfever tablet just to get through the day…….until I met Jerusha. She prescribed me a homeopathic remedy, which I will be honest, didn’t think would do anything. I took two doses, the first on a morning that I could feel my eyes starting to itch (which was always the first sign), and the second the following morning just as a precaution. I gave it no more thought after that. About a month later, it dawned on me that I had had no symptoms of hayfever…at all, not an itch, not a run and not a sneeze! Spring 2015 was the FIRST year in living memory that I had not suffered and I am now looking forward to next spring! Thank you Jerusha for giving me back spring time!

R.A. South Australia


Several months ago I began experiencing anxiety...especially in the mornings. This feeling was often followed by much crying throughout the day. Having had success in the past with Homeopathy, I decided to consult Jerusha Nicholls. She was very easy to talk to even though I felt distressed at times. The remedy she gave me was really effective and the attacks of anxiety stopped within two days and have not returned. The remedy also stopped the crying which was so draining. I will not hesitate to consult Jerusha again.

N.R. South Australia

How can I help?


These are just some of the symptoms that can be treated using Homeopathy. The ultimate aim of treatment is to treat the underlining cause of the conditions safely, gently and permanently.


Check out the video page for some common problems and remedies to help them. New videos will be uploaded on a regular basis so please bookmark this page and check it regularly! They will also be posted on Facebook so please click the link below to like our page.


I got a call yesterday from a patient in tears. She had taken two remedies over the weekend that I had prescribed her late last week. She was crying because for two years she had not been able to do the simplest things, like sweep and vacuum her floors, clear off the benches or practically do the dishes. She called ma and said - "I just had to call you to tell you that I have done all of those things and more!" She said that she had felt better than she had in two years. Then she said I have to go - because there are still things that I want to get done today!

Wow! The right remedy (or remedies in this case) can simply turn despair into action and self empowerment in days....sometimes even hours.

Jerusha Nicholls Homeopath

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January 2017:

I am now consulting from Hahndorf Chiropractic Clinic, located at 12 Main St, Hahndorf SA. 

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