Skype Consultations

To book a Skype Consultation please contact me on 0419 822 731 or through the contact page.

Please click here for the confidential client intake form and click here for the patient modality form. If you can submit both forms as soon as possible – that would be fantastic. 

(Apologies for it being so lengthy but I need as much information as possible to get a picture of your particular circumstances in order to treat you in the best way possible.)

If there is anything that you would prefer not to answer, please leave it blank and we can cover this in the consultation if needed. 


There are a couple of ways that we can do the consult:

  1. Please click here to download Skype. (We can use a video conference or just voice conference.)

My Skype name is jerusha.nicholls so please add me as soon as possible. Alternatively, email me your Skype name and I will add you.

If you are concerned or have any difficulties, email me and I will be happy to help.

  1. If you have a Gmail / Google account – we can also video conference by “Google hangouts”. This can be done via a computer or a mobile phone and again is free.

(I am happy either way and whatever is easy for you is fine with me. J)

My Gmail address is

  1. If neither of these things are possible – we will work something out!  (Please don’t let the worry of technology be a barrier.)

After our initial consultation I will post you the first remedy and give you detailed instructions on how to take it.