The Travelling Homeopath

The Travelling Homeopath

The Travelling Homeopath


My name is Jerusha Nicholls and I am The Travelling Homeopath.

I am a natural medicine  practitioner (with over 15 years of experience in the natural health care industry) who sees that there is a general lack of natural health care services and options available for rural Australians. 

The Travelling Homeopath is organising tours of rural South Australia to provide Natural Health Care to people in rural areas.

We are looking for expressions of interest and the town / areas that receive the most interest will be added to the tour schedule.

Please send a message via Facebook, call me on 0419 822 731 or email if you need any further information.

Some Private Health Rebates Apply!

(Please check with your health care provider to see if you are covered.)

Follow up care will be via telephone or video conference (Skype) but when there is enough need and interest I aim to visit an area every 8 – 12 weeks.

I also offer a free 15 minute Skype or telephone consultation so that we can discuss your needs and work out the best way forward. (For example, you may only need a short appointment instead of a full consultation.)



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Please check back here regularly for Tour Schedule updates.

There are plans for further tours in 2017.

Feel free to contact me to register your interest for future tours.

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